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Kask’s Vertigo 2.0 helmet is a looker — we’ll get that out of the way first, because, everything else being equal, we want the helmet that looks great. But there’s a lot more to the Vertigo 2.0 than its pretty face. Buried within the EPS foam that makes up the bulk of the helmet’s protective properties is an internal skeleton that not only gives the helmet a structure, but also keeps it from shattering into pieces on impact. This means that you’ll remain at least somewhat protected through each stage of a crash.

To go along with the finish and technology buried within the helmet are some genuinely nice rider-oriented features. The first is Kask’s Up & Down adjustment, which comfortably secures the helmet at the base of the cranium, rather than sitting atop it. Attached to that is an Eco-Leather strap, which is hypoallergenic and non-abrasive, and inside the helmet are removable and washable Coolmax pads.

  • Internal skeleton for better impact performance
  • Up & Down adjustment keeps the helmet comfortably secure on your head
  • Coolmax pads with antibacterial treatment
  • 270g

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